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Modern home with landscaping
We hired Jarrett because he understood our requirements and balanced design, functionality, and budget to help us make the right choices. Jarrett made a commitment to us, has built a trusted client-builder relationship, and stands by his every word. We love our home!

Scott and Tami

Imagine this,  we were 3 months pregnant and had just bought our house. We decided to remodel the bathrooms and build a brand new master suite… and we had no remodel experience.. and had to get everything done before the planned new arrival.

We met Jarrett and he and his team ensured that we delivered the project on time and on budget. Our biggest priority was ‘the crew needs to be out of our house by this date’. This was very important for us as we needed to make sure we were ready for our baby and Jarrett and his crew were very sensitive to our situation and managed the overall project very smoothly.

The quality of the work delivered was very high and the crew was very friendly and respectful to our family needs. We have a dog and needed to ensure that the doors and gate were always closed for his safety. These may seem like minor things, but when you have a crew of men in your house for 4 months, these things matter. The ability to deliver high quality work, on time, on budget is definitely key and they obviously performed extremely well at that.

I would highly recommend Jarrett for your remodeling/building needs and am happy to talk to any prospective customer.


Jarrett did an outstanding job of turning our 66 year old, 2000 square foot home into a modern 3400 square foot home. My wife and I had little prior experience with construction. Jarrett’s excellent interpersonal, professional and communication skills combined with his vast experience in homebuilding made our remodel experience a very pleasant, stress free one. A surprise contribution by Jarrett to the project was that our house plans did not have any plans for sidewalks, driveway and the back patio which included a 21′ x 15′ covered area. He designed all of these areas and we have gotten many compliments on his work.

We highly recommend Jarrett Gorman.

Paul & Bobbie Ueunten